Leading PPI Company Gets a Big Payout


The customer

A successful PPI company which has been trading for over 10 years needed to speed up their systems and processes to capitalise on approaching PPI Claims deadline.

The customer has 2 core teams spread across 2 offices. Within both offices there are a mix of desktop printers and desktop flatbed scanners, numbering roughly 10 devices in total per office.

Within those teams, a number of staff use those devices to input and output information into BrightOffice CRM manually, spending a total of 20 man-hours a day on their work.

The challenge

The customer needed to speed up this process to cope with the increased workload which would be required, in order to make the most of the final months of PPI. Before Print Logic’s Print Experts approached them, they were considering hiring additional staff to meet the demands, but were also seeking options for smarter ways to accomplish their activities.