The benefits of being a referral partner – working together to help our customers

At Print Logic, we specialise in the supply and maintenance of multi-functional devices from all leading manufacturers and the development of customer led print management solutions, seamlessly integrated into existing systems by working closely with IT departments and service providers.

Optimised digital workflow products and services are delivered to businesses from all industries and designed to meet their unique requirements. We supply both new and refurbished devices, delivering solutions to business start-ups and small businesses all the way up to enterprise customers.

Our approach to optimised digital workflow consultation is what sets us above our competitors. We view each print and document management solution as a challenge to helping our customer drive efficiency and profitability.

If you have a customer in a particular sector, such as legal, educational or property management, we can work with you, bringing our extensive experience of the common and not so common business challenges they face to resolve those issues. Working closely with Print Logic, our referral partners are able to offer expert solutions to their customers, enhancing the value they deliver to their customers.

What we can do for you

We can supply a complete managed print and document service to your customers. Our team will handle all support calls relating to the devices and software which we provide, leaving you to focus on the great services which you specialise in.

What we can do for your customer

We can offer your clients a more cost effective and time efficient print and document management solution. Our in-house team of analysts, solutions architects and installation technicians will ensure a smooth rollout whatever the scale of the print solution.

What we can do for each other

We will refer opportunities to you depending on your business capabilities and location. With every successful referral you provide us, we’ll provide introductory and recurring commission payments to you, allowing us both to deliver our great, specialist services to our mutual customers

Our process is simple, and we keep you informed throughout each stage:

  • You identify a client’s need for an MPS solution
  • Contact us and refer the client to Print Logic
  • We contact the client and assess their needs
  • We develop a proposal and keep you informed
  • A solution is agreed with the client
  • Introductory commission is paid
  • Recurring commission is paid

For more information on how we can help each other, please contact us on or 03303 500 998.