Enhanced Sharp Integration with Office 365

Sharp recently announced improvements to their MFP’s SharePoint. Enabling Sharp integration with office 365 is a great move forward in helping users integrate everyday tasks with your Office Printer or Office Photocopier.

In their statement, they said:

Sharp integration with office 365.


Did you know that the new MX3050-MX6070 (CR4) devices now have an even more powerful integration with the SharePoint Online feature of Office 365?


When the new CR4 range of Sharp Colour MFP’s were launched they came with the ability to link directly with Office 365 SharePoint Online, this however was limited to a predefined single destination.

With the latest firmware release (v6 firmware) for the MX3050-MX6070 devices a far more flexible powerful integration can now be offered allowing Office 365 customers to maximise the use of the MFD and SharePoint system.

Users can login at the Sharp MFP using their Office 365 credentials (not an ADFS account) and then browse down the SharePoint Sites that they have access to below the root site configured in the device or entered at the MFP screen. Users can browse document libraries and folders and print and scan office documents if supported on the MFP.

In addition to help those customers that utilise the metadata capabilities of SharePoint we can now also offer metadata integration allowing users to enter metadata at the MFP which would then be pushed in to the SharePoint metadata columns. Metadata entry is often used by customers to allow additional data to be searched on within the SharePoint system. Simply press the “Set Document Properties” button at the time of scan and enter the metadata driven from the SharePoint system.

*Note that the more advanced form of Managed Metadata that some larger customers may use is not supported.


Office 365 is growing in popularity and use within the UK. Customers can use Office 365 for pure Email, many use the individual user One Drive document storage area of the solution whilst others utilise the more organisation driven departmental SharePoint Online document storage area. We can now take advantage of this growing trend and integrate our MX3050-MX6070 devices in to each or all of these Office 365 features.

Note that the xx50 models will require the additional MXAMX2 OSA module.