Reducing costs in the legal sector

2016 is a milestone in Print Logic’s flourishing expansion. We have entered our 10th year of consulting within the legal sector.

During the last decade, we have been leading the way and pushing the boundaries of print management technology.  We have taken a unique approach by getting to know our clients and really understanding the problems they face in document storage, processing, retrieval, security and cost reduction.  Along the way, we have tried cutting edge software solutions & technology and have devised unique methods of optimising and simplifying the way  the legal sector prints, copys and scans.

Luckily for us, this 10th year coincides with the release of Sharp’s new range of their reliable MX series A3, full colour, multifunctional office devices.  The print efficiency, speed and ease of use of these devices enables us to enter our 10th year with a brand new print solution, fully integrating with the top case management software solutions, such as Proclaim.

When we visit many of our legal sector clients, we often find a document management workflow that relies heavily on manual intervention.  The typical workflow usually consists of the following steps:

  • An employee manual scans a document to a shared folder
  • The employee then has to re-name the document in the shared folder
  • The employee then navigates to the relevant case in the case management software
  • The employee then uses the document upload button to attatch it to the case, adding meta tags as they go

These steps are repeated for each document that needs to be added to a case; resulting in many hours of laboured work.  Our in-house team of developers are able to improve the workflow so that:

  • An employee scans a document from the multi-function device
  • Our software solution will automatically attach the document to the correct case without the need for any manual intevention
  • All meta-tags are added automatically
  • Once the document has been scanned, it will automatically trigger a workflow tailored to your process.

If you feel that your document management systems are heavily time consuming and costly, give us a call on 03303 500 998 and speak to one of our specialist print management consultants and see how we could save you both time and money.

Print logic completely changed the way we work.  They updated our scanning and imaging processes saving us countless hours a day and reduced our overall printing costs by 32%

Mr SheldrakePI Solicitors