Photocopier Services

Photocopier Leasing, Buying or Renting

Print Logic provides various ways for customers to acquire an office photocopier, with the three most popular ways being Photocopier Services including Leasing, Photocopier Buying or Photocopier Renting. For more information please see the links and details below.

Photocopier Services are an integral part of any Office or workplace, they can provide an invaluable daily function. Print Logic supply photocopiers from leading manufacturers such as Sharp, Xerox, Ricoh, Kyocera and Konica Minolta. Because we are an independent supplier, we can select a device from our range which will best suit your photocopier needs.

Photocopiers can be used in any industry, and every company can benefit from taking advantage of their features.  To help your Photocopier work for you Print Logic can also supply a range of integrated software extensions, these can be added to provide greater efficiency, saving your business time and money.  Not all industries and Businesses are the same so Print Logic will recommend the right add on for your sector. We specialise in industries such as Legal, Education, Healthcare, Public Sector, construction, and accounting.

Photocopiers have evolved from simple mono-coloured output machines into Integrated Multi Functional Devices. These allow users to scan, copy, fax, email, and print all from the convenience of being attached to your network. With bespoke configurations, you can print in any volume and any speed and quality from anywhere when and how you require.

Featured Photocopiers


Xerox C405

Ideal for use in small public-sector offices


Sharp MX-2614

Ideal for use in


Sharp MX-3060

Ideal for use in Education and Healthcare


Sharp MX-4070

Ideal for use in Legal and Accounting

Should I buy, rent or lease a photocopier?

Finding the right Photocopier option for your business isn’t as complicated or as daunting as you may have originally thought.  Whether you are looking to buy, lease or rent a photocopier Print Logic will be able to find the right photocopier solution for your business.

Each customer will have their own set of circumstances which will help us understand which option is the most appropriate. The sector in which they’re part of will be a factor, so a legal law office might not necessarily need the same photocopier as a school’s office, for example.

We’ve broken down the various options and have listed all of their benefits and advantages.

Photocopier buying

Photocopier Buying

• Photocopier is yours, we work with you to select the best machine for the job.

• Only one payment required.

 • Service and maintenance can be added on

photocopier renting

Photocopier Renting

• Suitable alternative to a lease, for when that isn’t an option

• Suitable for when a shorter time period is required

• Print Logic approved refurbished equipment

• Service and support

Photocopier Leasing

Photocopier Leasing

• Tax efficient

• Fixed term

• New equipment

• Comprehensive service and maintenance

• Extended time available