Print Logic – Helping Charities in 2017

We’ve made a big effort for Red Nose Day this year at Print Logic’s HQ in Birkenhead. This latest donation happens to fall on Red Nose Day, so we thought we’d link it in and tell the internet about it (and also have some fun at the same time)!

Our challenge was simple, just wear something red! Everyone made a great effort – red ties were a popular choice, as were red sweaters. We also spotted some less office-typical wear, like red deely boppers and of course the famous Red Noses. Liverpool fans were disappointed however as they were unable to wear their beloved red shirts to work (there are rumors that certain Everton fans may have had something to do with this…).




Our Latest Donation – Provided on Red Nose Day

Print Logic have been supporting charities over the course of our long history, and this year we’re happy to donate some of our machines to ‘The Friends of Egremont’. We hope they help with the good work they’re doing for the community in Egremont.

We’re really passionate about supporting local charities, and our machines are just as useful with them as they are in other businesses, such as in the legal or education sectors. Helping charities is something Print Logic does as part of it’s corporate & social responsibility policy, being the latest of the 140 donations we’ve provided since 2014.

For more information on this or to see how we can help provide your office with a printing solution, contact us today.



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