Print Logic Site Improvements

Improvements to Printer Repair Pages

Since beginning the new year last month, we’ve been investing time in improving the website and our customer’s experience when navigating around it. After taking a long look at the website, our design team sat down and started to work out a way to improve the overall user experience and enable our visitors to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. If someone was searching for Printer Repairs for instance, then the steps to get there should be clear from the moment they arrive on the site.

After looking at the products pages, we began the steps to reorganise how they displayed to customers, and after a lot of re-categorisation we’re happy with how things look now. The new system now splits printers, photocopiers and office solutions based on the type of product as well as the manufacturer. For instance, a customer can now view an A4 Printer before narrowing their search down to the Xerox brand, then to a Xerox 6605. In addition to this, customers can now create a shortlist of products to receive a quote for and then send a request to Print Logic – similar to how a shopping cart works on eCommerce websites.

Printer Repairs Xerox 6605

Printer Repairs Pages and Quote Tweaks

As well as this we looked at the Printer Repairs page, which we felt needed to be more intuitive and more user friendly. We’ve also revamped our Get a Quote page which now features a contact form that is easier to use.

Now that the first phase of immediate changes has been completed, we’ll be looking at making further improvements to the website. We’ll be drawing more attention to what makes Print Logic great, such as the excellent support we deliver on Printer Repairs, Photocopier Repairs, Shredder Repairs and Wide Format Printer Repairs in order to make your experience with us the best it can be.

Local Options

We’ve also been looking at our Local websites, and have begun rolling out a fresh design on to them. One of our solutions similar to Printer Repairs is our photocopier repairs services in Chester, which can help companies in or around the city with any issues they might be having.

To see more of the way we can help you, you can visit our Printer Repair services page which details that, as well as other office solutions you might need.

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