Relax, you’re in safe hands

Unfortunately, there may be times when things simply don’t work, and we understand how important printing and scanning are to your business.  That’s why we have created a service procedure that will get you back up and printing in no time.

Simply click the link below and install our award winning Remote Assistance Tool.

Once installed, you will be given a nine digit Session ID code.  At this point, please call our second line support team on 03303 500 998 (Option 1) and give them the code.  They will be in and working on your issue within seconds!

If you need any help installing the Remote Assistance Tool, please see the video below.

Installation Video Guide

Installation Steps

  • Click the "Remote Assistance Tool" link

  • Run the downloaded application

  • Allow the program to make any changes

  • Call 03303 500 998 (Option 1) and give the engineer your session code