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Managed Print Solutions – The Benefits

The biggest service that Print Logic offers is Managed Print Solutions, but what exactly does this involve?

If you’ve owned a printer before, you’ll know that there’s more than you might think to running one than just filling it up with paper and toner. There will be annoying issues like jams, problems with connecting it to your machines, lines or dots all over the paper, toner running out, as well as any number of mechanical issues. To put it simply, Managed Print Solutions takes all of these problems out of your hands so all you need to do is work out what needs to be printed.

When you choose a Managed Print Solution package, Print Logic will take care of these issues for you. Due to the highly advanced nature of the software we use in our products, we’re able to manage your machines and monitor how they’re doing. When they are close to running out of toner, we’ll dispatch a replacement. If any mechanical issues are reported, we take steps to resolve the issue, firstly by remotely accessing your machine and providing a solution then. If the issue is more serious one of our engineers will visit to resolve everything.

In addition to this, we provide regular maintenance to machines, training for your staff, provide installation as well as free online resources like our instructional videos on resolving simple printer issues.

Steve Jaques, Managing Director at Bluebird Care (Wirral) commented on Managed Print Solutions by saying:

Last year we printed 140,000 copies. Previous to being a ‘Print Logic’ customer I had a constant problem with printers jamming, running out of toner, poor quality print etc. and although they were relatively easy to fix there was a lot of occasions where staff were waiting around, customers were kept waiting and jobs were late.

I have been a customer of Print Logic for four years now, and I have never once had to look at the printer, (save for putting paper in) they even let you know when the toner is about to run out. How clever is that!

The machine is robust, fast, prints both sides, we even print our colour letterheads and comp slips directly with it. The machine has many more features than we will ever use.
I have no hesitation in recommending ‘Print Logic’ to high use fellow professionals where a lot of important copying, scanning, faxing and printing are done.

If you’re interested in Managed Print Solutions please contact us today.


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