Third Sector Print Solutions

Just Add Paper!

Print-Logic is passionate about helping charities out as much as possible.  Working with our existing charity customers, we have crafted three bands that suit all charities, whether you are a new start-up, a growing charity or an established / large charity.  Remember, along with a printing device that meets your needs, our charity print packages come with 24/7 print fleet monitoring as standard, meaning you don’t have to order any consumable items; they simply turn up when you need them, allowing you to take advantage of our “Just Add Paper” service.

What’s On Offer

Band 1

Donated Equipment

Third Sector Print Solutions [Donated]

  • Perfect for small and start-up charities

  • No hidden administration / rental costs

  • You only pay for your print usage

  • Charity only preferential rate

Band 2

Rent or Lease Refurbished Equipment

Third Sector [Refurbished]

  • Perfect for growing charities

  • Rent or lease refurbished equipment

  • Charity only reduced usage rates

  • Charity only preferential rate

Band 3

Rent or Lease New Equipment

Third Sector [New]

  • Aimed at established charities

  • Rent or lease brand new equipment

  • Lowest usage rates available

  • Charity only preferential rate

What We Can Do For You

When you take a Print-Logic product, the support does not stop there.  We work continuously with you to analyse your print habits and offer further cost reduction opportunities.  Using our print solutions we can help drive down costs with smart rules based printing, mobile and remote printing and follow me printing for larger environments.

Reduction of Colour Prints by 88%
Reduction of Abandoned Prints by up to 40%
Cost Per Page Savings of up to 88%
Cost Savings of typically 60%

What Next?

Get Your Free Print Audit

Contact Us For A Free Print Audit

Print-Logic supports a lot of charities with printing devices across the UK.  We provide a range of services designed to offer the cheapest possible print related bill. The starting point for forming a relationship with us is a no obligation, free print audit that will give you total peace of mind that your charity has everything under control, and with the lowest possible costs.

How it works

We will install our print audit software onto your network.  This will obtain real-time print behaviour data for our Expert Managed Print Consultants such as:

  • The total number of prints / copies / scans done across your entire existing print fleet
  • The colour to mono print / copy ratio
  • The amount of two-sided (duplex) print jobs

When complete, we will provide you with a summary of your existing print habits and make helpful recommendations on things you may like to consider doing differently. We will check the ongoing costs you currently pay and see if we can find you a better deal, there is, however, no obligation to become a Print Logic customer.