Top 5 Most Annoying Printer Problems

Top 5 Most Annoying Printer Problems

We’ve all been there. The printer has jammed again, the photocopier’s ran out of ink, and you’re getting lines all over your copies.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

These little things are all annoying, and it’s something we help people solve every day. We’ve made a list of the Top 5 Most Annoying Printer Problems, let us know which one annoys you the most!

Paper Jams

Paper jams are one of the most annoying problems a printer or photocopier can have. They always seem to occur just when you really need to be printing off too. Luckily most of the time they are easy enough to fix (even if it does mean you have to root around in the machine for a few stressful moments), but that still doesn’t make them any less tolerable.

Running out of Toner

After running a poll on our Facebook page, this was voted the most annoying issue by our followers. There are issues which can be fixed quickly, like running out of paper, but then there are problems which are even more annoying. We’ve all seen this happen, when your printouts seem to start fading away once they come out of the printer. You know you haven’t got spare toner or an ink cartridge, so out of desperation you take the one currently in the printer and give it a good shake. Usually this results in being covered in the renaming toner yourself, however!

Running out of Paper

Running out of paper is an equally irritating problem. Luckily it’s a lot easier to resolve than toner, a quick trip to the stationary cupboard  can resolve this, but sometimes it’s annoying to have to make an unplanned trip out to the shops (one silver lining is that you could get a quick coffee in on the way back though!).

Lines or Dots on Prints

Sometimes it’s easy to miss these and end up in an embarrassing position later on down the line, but lines or dots on your print outs can be very frustrating. It’s problematic to determine the cause of this too – could it be that the slit glass needs to be cleaned, or maybe the toners need a quick tidy? Either way, you’ll have to spend a few unplanned minutes fixing this.

Paper Mismatch

When you’ve checked that the paper type is correct, you’ve checked that it’s double sided and you’ve checked that it’s got your branding on it. One problem, the paper size is still set to A3 from the last job you did!


To see how we can help you prevent these irritating problems, contact us today to see how we can help you with your printers and photocopiers.

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