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Rochella Clarisse
Rochella Clarisse
08:20 23 Oct 19
Wonderful customer service. The engineer Chris was very polite and explained all the information we needed regarding the printers. Would highly recommend the company!
Kerry Taylor
Kerry Taylor
11:39 04 Jul 19
We have received great service from Print Logic, from the customer service team to the Service Manager, especially Chris who has come along each time we have needed our Shredder fixing. Quick, efficient would highly recommend them.
Janice Austin
Janice Austin
09:57 05 Jun 19
We have been using a photocopier/printer for over a year from Print Logic and it has never fail to work. If we have a query we have always received excellent customer service and they are always polite and professional. We would highly recommend using this company.
Colin Freeman
Colin Freeman
13:02 03 Jun 19
Excellent first rate customer service, reasonable cost and brilliant aftercare. We recently ordered our second copier (an upgrade) from Print Logic and as always Paul was brilliant as was the installation engineer. Nothing was too much trouble and the only focus was on making us happy. We received a totally professional service from Print Logic.
Clare Screeton
Clare Screeton
15:25 17 Jan 19
I used Print Logic services and products for over 3 years and they were fantastic. Customer service was first class, I would highly recommend them.
Chester Voluntary Action
Chester Voluntary Action
10:34 17 Aug 18
A massive thank you to the team at Print Logic especially Lee and Paul for coming to our rescue when our very old photocopier could no longer be saved! As a small charity, we can’t thank you enough for all of your help – our refurbished SHARP photocopier is fantastic and does everything we need in half the time! The installation was quick, easy and professional and all of the team have been so helpful throughout. We always receive excellent customer care and a fantastic service. Thank you again - and for all you do helping local charities with affordable printing costs!
Robert Jones
Robert Jones
18:25 02 Nov 17
As a customer of Print Logic for over 6 years I thought it time I wrote them a review. From leasing our first printer they have supplied, serviced and maintained every printer we have had since.Always great service, always going above and beyond especially as most of the time when we need them we need them quick due to imminent deadlines and they have never let us down yet.
Mike Walker
Mike Walker
18:18 11 Oct 17
Highly recommended! Over the years our office has dealt with numerous leasing companies for our printers & photocopiers... Print Logic are by far the best and customer service is fantastic!
Rebecca Ward
Rebecca Ward
10:00 22 Mar 17
Really impressed by the customer service and deep knowledge at Print Logic. They were professional and very responsive, all members of their team have been outstanding.
Dave Bemrose
Dave Bemrose
23:07 12 Jan 16
We'd had problems with our office shredder for weeks and several companies have been in to look at it. No one had managed to repair it for any significant period of time and problems kept recurring with 2 companies trying to convince us that we needed to replace it. OTS were out within 2 hours and its been running perfectly since, they gave us some great advice on how to look after it and were very reasonably priced.
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Print Logic engineers are photocopier experts, and our standard time on site is around one hour. In most cases this is enough time for us to diagnose and resolve the photocopier repair, as well as offer friendly and impartial advice on how to improve the device’s lifespan or productivity.

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